Just a few days after Nina Pham was identified as the first nurse to contract the Ebola virus after tending to Thomas Eric Duncan, there has been a second Ebola nurse diagnosed with the disease.  Now, she had been identified.

The nurse has been identified as Amber Joy Vinson, a 29-year old nurse who, after reporting a fever on Tuesday, was taken into the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and tested positive for Ebola.  To make matters more concerning, Vinson had recently traveled on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Ohio to Texas the day prior to be diagnosed.

Vinson had been in Ohio visiting her family in the Akron area.  She was making plans for her upcoming wedding, according to the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

Even though Vinson had no symptoms or signs of the Ebola virus on her flight from Ohio to Texas, CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden claimed she “should not have traveled” after coming into contact with Duncan and the virus.  Upon hearing of her travel, the CDC is now trying to locate all 132 passengers of flight 1143 from Ohio to Texas, which landed in Texas Monday night.

Health officials have reacted to Vinson’s diagnosis with a bit more urgency and despair than any previous cases of Ebola, calling the news a “gut shot” to the hospital staff.  Dr. Daniel Varga, the chief clinical officer of the Presbyterian Hospital, called the diagnosis of Vinson and “unprecedented crisis.”  Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings stated that “while Dallas is anxious,” that officials are “not fearful” of a massive outbreak.

A hazardous-materials team is now working to decontaminate the apartment of Amber Joy Vinson, which is located in an apartment complex not far from the Presbyterian hospital.

Amber Joy Vinson is now the third person to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus on American soil since September 30.

[photo credit: nffcnnr via photopin cc]