A sea lion, without much effort, tossed a Russian fisherman across the deck of his boat.

In the video above, it appears that a group of Russian fishermen accidentally captured the sea lion in a net. They brought the net, sea mammal and all, on board and set it down on the deck of the boat.

That was a mistake.

Upon realizing that they needed to set the creature free, one of the fishermen began cutting the net. The sea lion, however, thrashed about even as its captors were trying to let it go.

When the brave fisherman finally managed to cut the net enough to let it emerge, the sea lion grabbed another fisherman by the forearm and effortlessly flung him across the deck of the boat. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

It appears, from the perspective presented in the video, that he was thrown about 10 feet and then rolled another 10 feet or more once he fell to the deck.

After that episode, no fisherman on the boat seemed willing to approach the sea lion. This is understandable.

There was also a dog on the boat who made the mistake of approaching the beast and was attacked by it. It appears that the dog emerged unharmed, though.

Once the sea lion fully emerged from what was left of the net, the Russian crew simply yelled and threw things at it. It is unclear how they eventually got it off of the boat.