Robin Thicke, 36, and Paula Patton, 38, announced Monday, Feb. 24, that they are calling it quits on their almost nine-year marriage. The couple stated that the split was a mutual decision and that they would “remain friends.”

Robin Thicke, Paula Patton

Thicke is best known for his album “Blurred Lines” that came out in July of 2013, and his single of the same name that resulted in quite a raunchy music video. The song itself is known for its seemingly sexist lyrics.

Patton is an actress who has appeared in multiple films, such as “2 Guns”, “Déjà vu”, and “Precious.”

Speculation has surrounded the separation as Thicke’s provocative behavior, including his provocative music video for “Blurred Lines.” Of course, this has sparked on outpouring of sarcastic comments, utilizing lines from Thicke’s song as adding a little “pun” tone to the entire situation.

Patton had previously brushed off all the controversy that had been surrounding her husband. Now we’re left wondering what the real reason is for the split.

Many have expressed that this split does not surprise them, what with the misogynistic songs that he is known for, such as “Blurred Lines” and his risqué dancing with Miley Cyrus on the MTV Video Music Awards August 25, 2013.


Others viewed the separation as a complete shock, since the couple has been together since they were teenagers, “high school sweethearts,” and also have a son together, who is 3-years old.

But hey, that’s not stopping Robin Thicke from having a little fun.

What do you think about the couple’s split? Did you see it coming or is it a total shock?