If you’re missing all of the emotions from Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out,” fear not! Disney Pixar is about to take their fans to the moon once again in its new short “Riley’s First Date.”

All of those sentimental feelings will once again return, complete with the emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear.

The sneak peek, which aired on Good Morning America, mainly focuses on the emotions of the parents as a boy shows up to their San Francisco home.

The boy is no stranger to viewers, however, as he was seen towards the end of “Inside Out.” Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias) bumped into him at the skating rink, which caused his emotions to go out of control, blaring “Girl Alert!” and rendered him speechless.

Well, from what started as an awkward first encounter at the rink, he and Riley are about to embark on a fun skating date.


But Riley is not the one feeling anxious over her first date — her parents are the ones internally freaking out. Upon opening the door, the emotions of Riley’s father (Kyle MacLachlan) immediately go into panic mode. Anger calls for a “red alert” and the alarms start screaming, “Boy! Boy Boy!”

Her mother (Diane Lane) appears a little more level-headed, until she reaches Riley’s bedroom. Her internal voice of reason tells the other emotions that they will simply probe Riley, but will “layer it with cool words the kids say.” Among the word included in her “cool” dictionary are “dealio,” “OMG,” “awesome sauce” and “fo’shizzle.”

That clearly confuses Riley’s emotions and the sneak peek ends with Disgust saying, “This is just embarrassing. I can’t. I can’t.”

The entire animated short will be available as a bonus feature on the Oct. 13 release of “Inside Out.” The imaginative movie, which debuted in theaters on June 19, grossed over $335 million and introduced viewers to the lovable voices inside their head.



Take a look at the adorable sneak peek below:

Would you jump for joy if a sequel to “Inside Out” was made?