Ridley Not Playable In Super Smash Bros, Internet Reacts

Ridley is confirmed for Super Smash Bros, but he will not be a playable character. Instead Ridley will appear as a boss character in the Metroid inspired level Pyrosphere.

Ridley is a giant space dragon, a high ranking space pirate, and the arch enemy of Samus from the Metroid series. No matter how many times Samus has defeated Ridley, he always ends up coming back, whether he heals himself or modifies himself mechanically.

You can watch Ridley’s reveal from today’s Nintendo Direct, which has been dedicated to Super Smash Bros coming out for Wii U.

Ridley is a boss that will terrorize players in Pyrosphere. If you deal enough damage to the winged beast, he will join your side and bring the pain to your opponents. He has a character icon, a final smash, and if he knocks an opponent out of the arena his face will appear as a tally at the end of the round.

Ridley is in the new Super Smash Bros, but not in the form some fans were hoping for. Samus’ nemesis will not be playable, even though he was one of the most requested characters to appear in the roster.

Whether he’s too big, or maybe director Masahiro Sakurai just felt that it isn’t his time, Ridley is just a boss in Smash 4.

The Internet has been hoping to finally play as the space dragon, but now they have to wait and see if he’ll be playable in the next one. They have responded to the news that Ridley is not a playable character in the new Super Smash Bros.




Ridley being playable in Super Smash Bros has been crossed out, seeing that he’ll just be a boss character. Here’s hoping the Metroid bad guy will end up in the next Smash game.

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