Reverend Franklin Graham made a personal plea to “all the Muslims that may be watching this” Wednesday night, urging them to convert from Islam to Christianity.

Discussing radical Islam on a panel for Fox News’ Hannity, Graham took the opportunity to speak to Muslims who are “confused and afraid themselves.”

“I want them to know that God loves them and that Jesus Christ died for their sins — and Christ will forgive them and heal their hearts,” he said.

The reverend continued, saying that the Islamic world is currently “being torn apart by its own hand,” and that moderate Muslims don’t have to be caught in the crosshairs, so long as they convert.

“And they don’t have to die in a jihad, they don’t have to kill somebody else to please God. God loves them and he will accept them through faith and through his son, Jesus Christ,” he said.

Graham, the son of celebrity Christian evangelist Bill Graham, has spoken controversially about radical Islam before. In a 2012 appearance on MSNBC, he opined that President Obama could secretly be a Muslim.

“Islam sees him as a son of Islam because his father was a Muslim, his grandfather was a Muslim, great grandfather was a Mulsim and so under Islamic law, the Muslim world sees Barack Obama as a Muslim,” Graham said, adding that he can’t be sure that the president isn’t secretly a practicing Muslim.

“I can’t say categorically [that Obama is not a Muslim] because Islam has gotten a free pass under Obama,” he said.

The “Obama is secretly a Muslim” meme has been debunked numerous times by Politifact and others, and just in case there is any doubt, there are always a handful of State Fair photos of the POTUS eating pork to consider.

You can watch video of Franklin Graham calling on Muslims to convert to Christianity below. What do you think? Is the reverend acting with grace and understanding, or ignorance and naivete?

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