Red Band Society is the newest show to start up a season on FOX, and it has already sparked a controversy.  If you take a look at Twitter, on #RedBandSociety, you will automatically see people disagreeing with the way the show is handling the touchy subject of chronic illness and the inner workings of hospitals.

As seen, people are outraged that shows are now glorifying diseases, making patients out to be miracles and strong, when sometimes they really aren’t all that strong on the inside and they are just trying to survive.  An example of another show about disease, that premiered on ABC Family, is Chasing Life, which is a story about a young woman’s struggle with Leukemia just as her life is starting to pick up the pace and drop all her dreams on her doorstep.


The major difference that is being portrayed between the two dramas are that Chasing Life is all about making the most of the time you have left and leaving your mark on the world, where as Red Band Society is already being labeled as a Tween Drama.

Red Band Society definitely deserves a few more episodes before people completely pass judgment and write them off the list of shows to binge watch over a long weekend, or well into the night before that super important test they should be cramming for instead.

Being one of many human beings who have witnessed friends, and family members, pass from chronic disease (and even dealing with a chronic disease myself), I can relate more with the plot to Chasing Life, than I can to the plot of Red Band Society… but, maybe that is because people haven’t really given the plot time to thicken.

If you are interested in Chasing Life, you can go to their Twitter page at #ChasingLifeABCF.  Or, to find out more about either drama go over to Facebook or the official ABC Family and FOX pages.