Imagine if you could help change the world just by booking a hotel room. Photographer Jeremy Cowart hopes to make this dream a reality through his Kickstarter campaign.

The Purpose Hotel Kickstarter campaign promotes the social good by connecting hotel guests to causes and those in need. Hotel rooms would incorporate art from humanitarian artists, ethically-sourced coffee beans, a WiFi fee that fights human trafficking and much more. The campaign also notes that a clean water well would be present in the lobby, symbolizing “the flow of hope and life to everyone and everything connected to the hotel.”

According to the campaign description, “By choosing this hotel, you touch a hundred lives or more locally and internationally. You literally change the world in your sleep. And that’s just the beginning. The design reimagines the hotel as a creative, interactive experience that ignites the imagination, promotes play and fosters community.”

Aspiring to “change the world in your sleep,” the campaign, which launched July 19, has raised over $340,000 so far. However, that is only a small portion of the $2 million goal. The campaign has close to 2,400 backers and ends Friday, Sept. 2. The first hotel will be built in Nashville, Tennessee, but the goal is to create a global hotel chain.

According to the video, your stay helps provide access to education, food and clothing to a child and every door will have a photo of a child , plus their story; social films and handmade sheets and soaps. The receipt, in addition to showing your payment, will also incorporate the ways in which you helped impact the world around you.

Their 1 for 100 benefit model also shows that by staying in The Purpose Hotel, you’re not only changing the one person’s life, but the lives of many. “We can build something that changes lives and becomes a defining mark of this generation,” the campaign page says. “What will we be remembered for? We can leave a legacy of purpose, hope and freedom.”

This is not the first social good project that Cowart has taken on. He’s also the co-founder of Help-Portrait, a service that empowers photographers and artists to give back to their local community, as well as the creator of the app OKDOTHIS, which helps inspire creativity through collaboration. He was also named “Most Influential Photographer on the Web” by The Huffington Post. Cowart’s Purpose Hotel is just one of the ways that people are starting to take innovative approaches to contributing to the social good in the hospitality industry.

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