The latest viral video from the international YouTube sensation is turned up a bit more with the inclusion of the popular rapper Snoop Dogg. The men can be seen dancing, partying, and, of course, drinking during the video, which is more than 5 minutes long that debuted Sunday.

The smooth approach and voice of the rapper is a nice contrast to PSY’s energetic and hilarious antics in the video that was shot in South Korea. It begins with PSY’s head in the toilet while he vomits. Moments later, Snoop emerges from the bathtub and the party begins again. The pair do shots and dance with a pair of elderly women, who begin to appear more attractive the more the men consume. But it “ain’t over” as the chorus dictates and their adventure continues.

After nearly two years since PSY released his breakout hit “Gangnam Style“, it’s nice to see him come out with something new, and to great success. While his previous hit just recently surpassed 2 billion views making it the most watched YouTube video, the current video gained more than 7 million views so far, definitely off to a great start. The Korean pop star is proving he’s still got what it takes to create awesome viral videos, and with the help of the famous rapper he seems to be gaining his popularity right back.