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This week, Marcus Lemonis travels to Englewood, New Jersey to help Mr. Cory’s Cookies, a growing baking business founded by 13-year-old Cory Nieves in 2009. According to CNBC, “Cory’s mother struggles to trust anyone and is resistant to change. This has led to missed opportunities in recipe development and retail expansion.” If Lemonis is unable to inspire trust, the all-natural cookie company, which has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,”, “The View,” CBS and more, could fall apart.

Visiting a local car dealership where Nieves sells his cookies, Lemonis is immediately impressed by the “delicious” flavors. He is worried, however, that Nieves doesn’t know his numbers and that the products are not currently available online given their short shelf life. COO Lisa Howard (and Nieves’ mom) shares that she eventually hopes to hire a team that’s 70 percent single mothers since she herself struggled as a single mom.

Next, the trio visits Le Gourmet Factory, where Lemonis sees first-hand how their process works. He learns that he will have to start off by trusting Howard’s process since she struggles to trust other people. After reviewing the financials, which include no debt in the company, Lemonis decides to offer $100,000 for 40 percent.

He hopes to design the packaging, rebuild their website and launch the products with his investment. Howard expresses her concerns over taking a chance, but they both end up accepting the deal under the condition that they will receive mentorship. Of course, Lemonis also expects Nieves to improve his math skills.

Lemonis and Howard then meet Dave, the VP of Clever Cookie, the cookie manufacturing business that Mr. Cory’s Cookies has a licensing deal with, which includes a royalty. Lemonis is concerned that the deal controls the retail aspect of the business, in addition to the fact that Nieves and Howard only get back eight percent of the profits as part of the royalty.

The duo visits Rastelli Foods Group next, which will ensure their cookies are fresh. Lemonis then introduces Howard to female business owners, including his partner Juli Reed and the owners of Zoe’s Chocolate Co., Ashtae Products and Bentley’s Pet Stuff—who he hopes will serve as a resource to Howard. Lemonis says during the meeting, however, he is worried that Howard will attempt to sabotage their relationship, which she agrees may happen. She says she “won’t compromise” who she is, but Lemonis tells her not to push him away.

In New York City, Lemonis, Nieves and Howard meet Jamie Dimon, the chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan, and one of Nieves’ role models. Lemonis and Howard work on setting up their website with Shopify, but quickly encounter an obstacle at their next meeting in NJ with the VP of Clever Cookie, who says they can’t sell online. Howard walks away and tells Lemonis that she’s “aggravated” by the lack of product development and the obstacles arising due to the licensing deal. Lemonis then pushes forward and says they will launch an ecommerce business that offers the fresh cookies.

Back in New York, the trio meets with Amazon, where they present their mission, packaging and, of course, the delicious cookies. Amazon says they will help with marketing, consulting and more. They then visit their new office space back in NJ, which brings Howard and Nieves to tears of joy. Lemonis says he enjoyed watching the duo evolve and encourages Howard to be a leader going forward and show others that achieving the dream is possible.

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Social Media Reacts to Mr. Cory’s Cookies’ Appearance on “The Profit”

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