Manhattan Sideways
Manhattan Sideways

Tonight, Marcus Lemonis travels to New York to meet the owners of Bowery Kitchen Supplies, whose divorce is threatening to tear the business apart. If Lemonis cannot get them to work together, the popular New York spot could end in catastrophe.

First walking into the store, Lemonis notices the cluttered appearance of the merchandising, which he calls random. Co-owners and best friends Howard Nourieli and Robyn Coval, who were previously married, give him a tour and Lemonis is shocked by the seemingly random offerings.

Lemonis says Robyn understands the real estate, however, he notices that Howie is not into the glassware, but more so the knives and machetes. Lemonis explains that they could use their large space more wisely by dividing the space into compartments, increasing revenue along the way.

Then meetings with the general manager, Lemonis becomes frustrated when they don’t have their inventory numbers at the ready. He then finds out that Howie is there much less than Robyn. He takes two months off a year, which causes Lemonis to tell him that being a business owner sometimes means making sacrifices.

After looking at their numbers, Lemonis offers $350,000 for 40 percent, which they counter at 30 percent. Lemonis doesn’t like that number and questions whether anyone else is willing to write a check. They agree on $350,000 for 33 percent, in addition to being 100 percent in charge.

They immediately begin to strategize with the employees, including implementing visual merchandising and compartmentalizing the store. Getting to work, they take a look at what sells in each department and figure out how to make every square foot of the store count. Based on the data of what sells best, they begin developing plans for how to remodel. Lemonis suggests shrinking the knife department, which does not go over well with Howie.

They then have a liquidation sale to help generate cash and also to get some insight into customer behavior and see how the employees interact. Things quickly go awry, however, when Howie begins taking products out of the boxes since he doesn’t agree with the pricing. What’s worse, customers are not purchasing the items that are on sale because they’re “junk,” as Lemonis says.

Lemonis then catches Howie ordering more knives, resulting in Lemonis asking, “Are you being a dick?” Howie then seems reluctant to stand and “shout” outside of the store, but Lemonis convinces him and even stands with him.

Moving onto redesign, which will cause the store to close down for a week, they discuss lighting and moving the inventory into the spaces that matter most. The floor manager and Robyn begin moving things out and figuring out what can stay. Lemonis wants to move on to strategize but becomes frustrated when Howie is not on time. Solution? Put Robyn in charge. When Howie eventually shows up, Lemonis tells him about Robyn’s “dream store,” which gets pushback from Howie.

Lemonis pulls Robyn aside and she tells him that she has become comfortable with Howie dismissing her ideas. Lemonis wants her to begin acting like more of an equal partner and make her ideas heard. Continuing to discuss ideas with Howie, Robyn tells him that they need to start fresh and make it look like they’re “the real deal.” Howie continues to dismiss her opinions and ideas, causing tensions to rise. Lemonis says he’s glad that Robyn is standing up to Howie but stresses that they need to move on and resolve their personal differences.

Visiting a textile manufacturer, they begin planning on how aprons could play a part in increasing revenue. Moving on to glassware, they also learn how well they could sell if properly displayed. They add wood paneling and change the lighting for “a more enjoyable shopping experience.”

Shutting the doors for renovations, Lemonis is again frustrated that Howie is missing in action, especially after receiving harsh emails from him. He finally confronts him over the texts and emails, saying how he crossed a line by being disrespectful.

Robyn then says that they were hiding money from Howie because she was trying to protect the business. She’s also impressed that she’s asserting herself. Howie then says that he regrets giving her equity in the business. Lemonis calls him out, saying that she’s there more than him and tells him to treat her as more of a business partner.

Reviewing the redesign, Lemonis is shocked to find that there’s still so much work to be done in order to stock the shelves. Howie is once again missing while everyone else works hard to prepare for the reopening. Lemonis then leaves him a voicemail, saying, “I might kill you when you get here.”

Finally making an appearance, Howie plays off his disappearance as going on vacation. “It’s August, I always go away in August. I went to see my mother and I went to see my girlfriend, which I always do in August—the slowest part of the year,” Howie says. Lemonis becomes visibly frustrated over putting in more than $400,000, more than he originally intended to, and questions where the knives are.

Lemonis says it doesn’t seem like Howie “gives a f*ck” and questions whether he even wants to be there. Howie doesn’t like the constant arguing with Robyn, but Lemonis says none of the updates would have been possible without her. Howie finally apologizes and recognizes Robyn’s value in the business.

At the grand reopening one week later, Lemonis says the store looks “spectacular,” adding that it looks organized with compartments and new accessories. The knife wall is still in the front, but much less overwhelming. They also added a chefware department, in addition to upgrading the glassware. He expects the revenue to at least double. Lemonis is impressed and “cautiously optimistic” with Howie’s new attitude and his newfound respect and trust in Robyn. He even says that the company could expand across the country.

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