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Trouble is brewing for an entrepreneur who is in way over his head in this week’s episode of “The Profit.” Marcus Lemonis travels to Orange, California to help Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders, a coffee company that “has no organization, no clear leader, and a staff in conflict,” according to CNBC. Will the specialty coffee business ultimately end in sweetness or bitterness?

Visiting their coffee shop, Lemonis is intrigued by owner Steve Sims’ business model, which allows full control from start to finish and excellent profit margins. At their warehouse, however, he notices that there are two distinct businesses: wholesale and retail, which each branch off into other areas. He is also concerned that there are no formal staff meetings, leading to tension and communication problems.

After meeting with several staff members and gaining some insight into problems within the company, Lemonis encourages Sims to have confidence in himself as a leader. He appreciates Sims’ humility and, knowing he can be a great leader, offers $1,750,000 for 50 percent equity. He then decides to lower it to 40 percent, which leaves 40 for Sims and 20 percent for other investors.

Lemonis then outlines his plan for the company, which includes making it a national brand. He also thinks the branding needs to change. Additionally, he wants to begin holding regular staff meetings. Lemonis and Sims then visit a grocery store that sells the Bodhi Leaf products, where Lemonis notices that the packaging needs to change. He also thinks their specialty retail offerings need to change so as not to compete with other businesses that buy their beans.

Next, Lemonis reviews the inventory, which is quite disorganized. He sees a clear disconnect between Jeff, the Green Coffe director, and other employees. Lemonis advises that the level of respect among employees needs to be improved, another reason why staff meetings are so crucial.

They then travel to Chicago to meet with a distributor and make a deal that will allow the business to grow. The team also meets with a restaurant and Jeff struggles to sell the brand. Lemonis says he is “fumbling,” however, Sims successfully jumps in and presents their various offerings. They ultimately fail, however, to successfully tell their story, which leads Lemonis to question Jeff’s future in the company. Nevertheless, Lemonis is very impressed with Sims’ newfound confidence and they continue working on making him the face of the brand.

Lemonis then meets with Sims and Jeff for a post-Chicago meeting, where they share their thoughts on Jeff’s failed pitch at the restaurant. Jeff fails to address his own issues, which frustrates Lemonis, especially when he begins to deflect. Sims reveals to Lemonis that he has gotten very close to firing Jeff in recent weeks given his lack of respect for the company. Ultimately, Sims, who says his behavior is “pissing me off,” decides to fire Jeff.

Upon debuting their new inventory process, Lemonis says the updates will lead to increased efficiencies. Sims also hires a new sales and inventory manager and Lemonis is very impressed with Sims’ overall leadership. Lemonis then unveils the new branding, which features Sims’ face, complete with his unmistakable beard, and new Red Beard Coffee Traders brand in Chicago. Finally, Lemonis reveals that he is giving back 10 percent of his original investment to the employees and praises “Coffee King” Sims for his “unselfish behavior, [which] became his greatest asset.”

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