Ashtae Products

This week, Marcus Lemonis travels to Greensboro, North Carolina to help Ashtae Products, a professional, multi-cultural hair care company. The family-owned business has reached “a breaking point because of the father’s costly side projects,” according to the episode description. Will Lemonis find a cutting-edge solution for the company or will their success be cut short?

Visiting their confusingly-located headquarters, Lemonis is immediately concerned that they’re only doing door-to-door selling. He also notices a disconnect in the daughter’s involvement in the company. Lemonis also believes that the packaging needs to be changed to be more appealing. After touring the entire space, he also thinks there are too many other businesses located in their building—calling it a distraction.

After speaking with Ramona and daughter Taylore and seeing how much pressure they are under, Lemonis decides to offer $200,000 for 25 percent equity. He believes the company needs to be made debt free. Michael doesn’t believe it’s enough and he counters 10 percent. Ultimately, they agree to $300,000 for 25 percent with the condition that Lemonis will find extra cash within the business.

First, they decide to eliminate bottling from their building. Next, Lemonis goes on a sales call with Michael, which he notices is very inefficient given that the shelves are empty. Lemonis is also baffled when Micheal decides to repair a chair instead of focusing on sales and profitability.

Meeting with the family, Lemonis then encourages Taylore to present her business conditions to her parents. She wants to be COO, an idea that is quickly rejected. They agree on putting her into a director of trade shows role. Touring the new bottling facility, Lemonis reiterates that Michael needs to be focused on sales.

Next, they work on changing their branding and selling or throwing out unnecessary items. Michael derails the task when he begins removing red sticky notes, which represent trashed items. He ultimately decides to compromise in order to help build the business and renovate their building.

They then review the new logos and packaging material, which they decide to divide into two categories. Taylore also works on designing the trade show booth for Bronner Brothers. Michael, however, puts the process at risk when he decides to change the packaging last minute.

One week later, Lemonis travels to the trade show and, despite high expectations, is immediately disappointed by the fact that old bottles are being presented because the new designs did not come in on time. He also criticizes the booth, which he calls “average.” He says the energy and personality are lacking as compared to the other booths. Lemonis is, however, impressed with Michael’s infectious enthusiasm.

Lemonis wants to focus on a product launch event next, which will include a $10,000 budget for Taylore to redeem herself. In the renovated offices, the process is much more organized. Additionally, the client base is being expanded to include more of the southeast area.

Lemonis is ultimately very impressed with Michael’s growth. Finally, at the product launch party, Lemonis says the products look amazing and commends its successful and “classy” execution. He predicts that the quality upgrades will lead to better profitability and growth.

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