Apparently, one Price is Right Contestant believes an iPhone 6 is worth a whopping $7,500. The episode was the popular game show’s final episode for 2014. In order to advance, contestants had to guess the price of a 16GB iPhone 6 with a 1-year calling and data plan.

So what were the guesses by the four contestants? One guessed $930, while another said $850. One of the contestants, though, must have thought the phone was made from gold and guessed a price tag of $7,500. The contestant after her apparently thought the same and went with $7,501.

While the actual price of the iPhone was in the four digits, it was nowhere near that mammoth price tag. The price turned out to be $1,169, which is a pretty hefty price in its own right. Needless to say, the two contestants are going to be the butt of jokes for quite a while.

Aside from the iPhone 6, the Price is Right is also known for giving away other lavish prizes, the best of which is a brand new car. Of course, when it comes to bidding for the initial product, things can get a bit testy. This is especially the case when one contestant bids a dollar higher than another contestant’s bid. Some people consider this a “below the belt” tactic, though it has been done for as long as the show has been around.

The show is also the longest running gameshow and made its debut way back in 1972. It propelled host Bob Barker to fame, and he kept at the job from the time of the show’s inception up until his retirement in 2007.

As for the Price is Right contestant thinking the iPhone 6 is worth a whopping $7,500, it would be interesting to hear her explanation. More than likely she got caught up in the fervor when her name was called for her to “come on down.” The crowd fell silent when she made her bid, which was a clear indicator that she was way off the mark.

[photo credit: energeticcity]