Tonight, ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” celebrated its 100th episode and fans were absolutely excited over the prospect of getting some answers.  Excitement even surrounded all the couples being reunited.


The first major comeback character was Travis, Hanna’s boyfriend, gazing at the stars. Jenna, played by Tammin Sursok, returns to Rosewood just in time for Ali to come back to school. Immediately after the intro, longtime character, Toby is finally back on set as well, apparently shocked over the news of Shana’s death. So many appearances, all for the 100th episode special.

Very “Mean Girls”-esque.

Ali makes her return to Rosewood High and the day is nothing short of drama-filled for all five girls. Spencer’s mother tells Spencer that she’s leaving her father. Interesting twist considering how creepy Mr. Hastings has been acting for…well basically for the entire season so far. Seems like she knows something shady is happening.

Tensions run high with fellow classmates over Ali’s return, including Paige who felt “sick” over her return. Of course, how could the episode go without a “Frozen” sing-a-long mention and party from Lucas? He’s excited over the return of his girlfriend…who even knew that he had a girlfriend? When Aria goes to speak with Jenna, she finds her alone in the house crying and leaves her there. 

Tyler Blackburn also makes a triumphant return as Caleb after leaving for the spinoff series “Ravenswood.”

Though halfway through the episode, nothing major was really revealed. What will be in store for the last half hour?

'Pretty Little Liars' Facebook

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Facebook

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