*If you haven’t had the chance to watch the Season 5 Finale of Pretty Little Liars and you don’t want a spoiler, do not read any further. 


After last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, there is no longer a secret identity for “A.”  I won’t even hold you in suspense over it because there is no point.  “Big A” is none other than Charles DiLaurentis.  You can check out the tweets from last night’s show at #BigAReveAl and #CharlesIsA.

Here is a picture of him:

Oh, wait! There isn’t a picture of him available… because no one is privy to what he looks like at all!  If it weren’t for a few clues in past episodes and an anagram in Spencer’s room, there wouldn’t have been a “Big A Reveal.”  Here is a pretty accurate description from Michele Corriston:

When it was time to crown ‘Ali’ (aka Mona) as prom queen, Spencer called for ‘Charles’ to come forward – she realized that lettered blocks in her room in the dollhouse spelled out that name. A masked man came forward, and Aria (Lucy Hale) flicked the shutter on a disposable camera that Mona and Spencer had rigged, shutting off the electricity.”

And, you can check out more of Michele’s interesting tidbits from the show here.

Even with the reveal of “A’s” name, viewers are still no closer to understanding who “A” really is, and why “A” has gone through all the trouble of trying to destroy the 4 girls who are so paramount within the show.  With the name Charles DiLaurentis only came the understanding of who “A” is related to: Ali.

People are wondering who Charles is since they have never heard of a Charles.  And, if you have been listening to Mona, who is alive and hidden in the dollhouse with the girls during the finale, no one even knows if Charles is a guy! Unless you go by the video that plays during  the fake prom implemented underground, with Mona playing the character of Ali, then Charles is none other than Ali’s and Jason’s brother. This is, of course, only wild speculation on my part.  For all we know, Charles is actually some distant cousin who Ali tortured as a child.


There is also an interesting spoiler interview with executive producer, Marlene King, which sheds some more light on the on-and-off screen drama and ideas.  If you have the time and inclination, you can check out the interview and then tell us your theories in the comments below.

Who else can barely wait for Season 6!?