Photo Source: New York Daily News

Some of us may be guilty for exercising an act we never thought was illegal. The cherished lemonade stand was a great way to serve the public and make a few quick dollars. All we ever wanted to do was make lemonade with our friends and have a dollar or two to run down to the nearest store with. As the years have passed, we’ve heard the lemonade stand get a lot of criticism from law enforcement.

It’s a fair assumption that the kids who run a lemonade stand aren’t going to do something detrimental with their earnings. Come on, they’re just kids trying to make to some under the table money before they’re legally allowed to work.

In Overton, Texas, a lemonade stand ran by two sisters was shutdown by police. Zoey, 7, and Andria Green, 8, opened their stand on Monday. The stand was shutdown by police because they lacked a permit. The girls were trying to raise money for the dad’s father’s day gift. The girls came up with $27 being short of their goal in order to get their dad a ticket to a local Splash Kingdom.

Like any business opening up, there are startup fees. In order for the girl’s to run their lemonade stand they would need a permit. The girl’s mother Sandi told reporters that a permit would cost $150 in addition to a kitchen inspection. These sort of permits may seem logical for selling food and beverages, but it’s from two sisters under 10 years old.

The good news is the girls found a way to run their lemonade stand without being hassled by the local police. It turns out that the girls can give their lemonade away for free, but are able to accept donations. Nelwin Perry, a local neighbor said “this was such an innocent endeavor that turned into all kinds government red tape.” Despite the girls’ temporary business shut down, we can hope the publicity will bring many new customers to their stand.

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