This week, Marcus Lemonis challenges the remaining candidates to market themselves and tell their stories. Meeting at Target, the candidates must buy items that will help represent their brand. Erin chooses travel props while Chuck struggles to find just the right creative products. Buffie’s confidence shines through at the start of the challenge.

At VSA Partners, a marketing and branding agency, the candidates have four hours to put together a marketing campaign that successfully illustrates who they are to others. Chuck struggles through the process while Juli worries about setting herself apart from the four other candidates. Lemonis encourages her to dig deep for non-generic words that best represent her brand. Juli admits that she feels overwhelmed and just wants “to do a good job.”

Ultimately, after the campaign photoshoot, Juli reevaluates her entire campaign and Buffie changes her concept at the last minute. Presenting their posters in Chicago’s Millennium Park, the candidates must successfully illustrate to Lemonis and park visitors their brand message. They include:

  • Chuck: “Leading with Heart,” which Lemonis feels is too safe. (Score: 16)
  • Peilin: “Hard Work… Celebrate It” in monochromatic with a pop of color in confetti. Some candidates feel as though it missed the mark. (Score: 26)
  • Buffie: “People are my reason” with a pastel pink background and a toned down message. Lemonis says she missed the mark a bit. (Score: 49)
  • Erin: “Experience can be faked until the first storm hits” with an image of climbing a mountain. Lemonis is impressed. (Score: 50)
  • Juli: “I am Juli Reed. I give a sh-t” with descriptive words in between and no picture of herself. Lemonis appreciates the risk she took. Erin says it’s not his favorite, to which Juli says, “It’s not necessary to dim someone else’s light to brighten yours.” (Score: 55)

Ultimately, Juli’s risk paid off to the audience, however, Lemonis feels as though Erin did the best job—securing the win for the first challenge. Peilin admits that she’s feeling unhappy with the process since it “wasn’t a full” one. Lemonis says she’s being too hard on herself because she wasn’t satisfied with her end product. He encourages all of the candidates to stand by their convictions, which will help them in the second challenge.

Next, he presents the candidates with two business ideas, Splurge Restaurant and Over’Rated, to test their business skills. Both companies fake, which is not immediately apparent to them. Lemonis is looking for someone to stand up and make their voice heard on why one business would be a better investment over the other or admit that both are terrible overall.

Lemonis thinks every candidate is playing it too safe by not sharing their thoughts on the business concepts and philosophies. Buffie is really the only candidate to share a strong opinion about one company right off that bat and Lemonis appreciates her honesty. He hopes that everyone will be able to connect their brand image to a company.

After reviewing each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, Lemonis likes that Erin sees the process as a two-way street and assures Juli that she is doing a good job proving that she has a strong voice. He ultimately feels as though Chuck did not differentiate himself enough in the marketing campaign challenge. Despite seeing his positive qualities, he feels as though he is not the right person to be the Partner.


Social Media Reacts to “The Partner” Week 2

Marcus Lemonis, entrepreneur and host of the hit CNBC show “The Profit,” hopes to find the perfect business partner to help him run his ever-growing portfolio of business investments in “The Partner.” In three seasons of “The Profit,” Lemonis has invested nearly $50 million and now seeks a trusted partner. In the end, the partner will receive a half-million dollar contract, an equity stake and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help manage Lemonis’ business empire. The five-episode series airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. on CNBC.

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