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The Veil Brewing

Have you ever wondered what an Oreo cookie would taste like if it were dunked in beer rather than milk? Well, wonder no longer thanks to one Virginia brewery, whose Hornswoggler Chocolate Milk Stout with Oreos is just like drinking sweet Oreo goodness straight from a glass.

According to The Veil Brewing’s Facebook page, the Hornswoggler chocolate milk stout is “conditioned” on hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies and, because of the process, may even include residual fermentable sugars. “If you like Oreo cookies, this is a must try,” they write in their caption. The drink, which the brewery recommends keeping as cold as possible, made its debut Jan. 24 on National Beer Can Appreciation Day.

This Tuesday January 24th will be the debut of Hornswoggler with Oreos! That's right. You heard right. We took our 7% robust chocolate milk stout Hornswoggler and conditioned it on hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies. If you like Oreo cookies, this is a must try. *THERE MAY BE SOME RESIDUAL FERMENTABLE SUGARS FROM THE COOKIES IN THE BEER. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST KEEPING THESE CANS AS COLD AS POSSIBLE AT ALL TIMES. WE ALSO SUGGEST CONSUMING THIS BEER AS FRESH AS POSSIBLE FOR THE MOST INTENSE OREO CHARACTER POSSIBLE.* Shooting for approx 55-80 cases. $17+tax/4-pack. 1x 4-pack per person. *CASES PACKAGED AND LIMITS SUBJECT TO CHANGE* We will also be hiding 5x Golden Tokens(seen in front of the can) underneath the 4-pack holders(only on Hornswoggler cans). Find one of these coins and give it to a staff member behind the bar to get a free Golden Hornswoggler glass(as seen in the picture in this post; the Hornswoggler himself is on the back side of the glass)! This is the ONLY way to get your hands on this glass. We will never sell this glass. It is only acquired if you are the lucky few to find a Golden Token. We hope you guys can make it for Tuesday January 24th's can release. Doors open at 4pm!

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The beers went on sale in the brewery’s tap room in 16-ounce cans. There was a limited availability of 60 to 80 cases, according to the Beer Street Journal. Other editions featured a base milk stout and coconut-flavored milk stout. The Oreo-flavored beer quickly sold out and was even recently featured on ABC’s “The Chew,” according to their Instagram.

If you’re trying to picture what the milk stout tastes like and anxiously awaiting the moment more cases are released, try dipping an Oreo cookie in beer or making your own beer-flavored filling—it won’t be the same but milk’s favorite cookie won’t judge.

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