React: Thousands Of People Are Tweeting #OITNB Every Hour

The React TL;DR: Orange is the New Black looks set to beat the astonishing social impact of Pretty Little Liars.

Two of the biggest series shows have received new seasons in the past two weeks.

Last week, the first episode of teen spooky mystery Pretty Little Liars‘ sixth season reached viewers around the world via ABC and Netflix. Prison comedy-drama Orange is the New Black has dropped its entire third season six hours early, after keeping fans waiting over a year.

People have been tweeting about Orange is the New Black and, more importantly, exactly how and where they’re going to watch it. If you’re wondering how it compared with the last weeks’ Pretty Little Liars launch, use our interactive chart below:

With that in mind, here’s a few of the people canceling their important arrangements for even more important arrangements:

You’d be amazed the impact the show is having on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s some headline facts:

  • Orange is the New Black is currently being mentioned over 18,000 every hour on average on Facebook and Twitter.
  • There have been over 100,000 mentions of the show today alone, with 27830 mentions of the #OITNB hashtag.
  • 2,975 people have said they’d be binge watching it. (3.5% of everyone)

And that must make Netflix feel pretty good. Over the launch weekend of House of Cards, half a million people watch the entire series in two days. That’s 2% of viewing public. If social media users stay true to their claims, Orange is the New Black will beat that record.

Let’s celebrate.

However, the network-and-Netflix launch of Pretty Little Liars made a significant impact, too. It’s too early to tell if OITNB will beat it. Let’s take a look at those stats.

  • Pretty Little Liars received 129,460 mentions across Facebook and Twitter on the day of release, and 303,475 mentions in the first week.

Both being led by strong mainly-female ensemble casts, the social media following is also majority women. Pretty Little Liars – which features far more men than inside Litchfield Penitentiary – has a much greater female fanbase. It’s almost 80%.