Harry Styles and The Oooly Tooly

One Direction has way too much power over their fandom. Need proof? Harry Styles sent out a tweet at 7:16am am on Friday that read “The Oooly Tooly.” Shortly after the message was delivered, the term began trending on Twitter.

So what exactly is The Oooly Tooly? It is literally nothing. It carries no meaning, offers nothing of significance, yet it is trending worldwide because One Direction, and more specifically, Harry Styles, decided it should trend.

That non-sensical tweet has been retweeted more than 85,000 times, and has been favorited more than 115,000 times. Obviously Harry Styles’ 21.9 million fans don’t really care what The Oooly Tooly means.

The tweet did create some funny tweet jabs at One Direction fans:

We have seen a lot of strange Twitter trends emerge because of the eccentric nature of celebrities, but typically we have some idea what they are attempting to tell us.

In this case, Harry Styles may have been writing gibberish just for fun. Or perhaps The Oooly Tooly is an actual thing that will be revealed by the chart topping singer in the future.

Whatever the case may be, September 5, 2014, will forever be known as the day of The Oooly Tooly.