People make bold choices every day.  That’s why, on Twitter, one of the highest trending tags today is #OneBoldMove. Sponsored by Toyota, this tag shows how or why people have decided to stand up for themselves against bullies, take risks to further their careers, or even decide to cross a “to-do” off their bucket list.  Sometimes the bold move is asking out that cute barista at Starbucks who has been covertly smiling at you every morning for the past two weeks.

You can check out Toyota’s original tweet:

The original T.V. commercial should be familiar as well:

In honor of making bold choices, here are a few that you may want to try out for yourself at some point:

1. Trying out a new hair cut:

2.  Applying to that REACH college/university:

3.  Looking for a chance to move up the ladder of success:

4.  Taking on obstacles in your life:

5.  Being honest with yourself in tough situations: