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I’ll tell you what. You walk away from the Internet for four hours and you miss everything. Like apparently Deadline.com reported that Charlie and Willie Ebersol were developing a sequel to Space Jam (which is now eighteen years old… what? when did that happen?) and it’s set to star… who else? Lebron James.

Then Lebron’s people crushed the hopes and dreams of every kid growing up in the mid-90s by saying it wasn’t true. ESPN confirmed…

But THEN… 

Charlie Ebersol has also shared Deadline.com’s story, effectively confirming it. Everyone’s hopes soar again.


Is there a Space Jam 2 in the works? Is Lebron on board or not? Is Jimmy Kimmel behind this too? No one seems to know anything for sure, but while mass chaos ensues, let’s just assume there is a Space Jam 2 and Lebron James is involved.

I think we all know roughly how this story would go (spoiler alert: pretty much everyone questions Lebron’s loyalty):

Meanwhile, people had mixed reactions to the possibility of a Lebron Space Jam 2





Who knows what the outcome of this will be. What do you think? Do you want to see a Space Jam 2? And more importantly, do you want to see it with Lebron James starring? 

In the meantime, let’s kick it back to one of the most inspirational jams that Space Jam gave us…

(Just, you know, try to forget about it being R. Kelly.)