OK Go has released a new video the song “I Won’t Let You Down” and it doesn’t fail to live up to the band’s legendary collection of music videos.

The members of the band are best known for dancing on treadmills and using a Rube Goldberg machine. Have no doubt, this video is just as entertaining.

Frontman Damian Kulash and Kazuaki Seki direct the video using a “multi-copter camera” for amazing effects.  Morihiro Harano, a well-known Japanese director, is the creative director.  Harano set the video in Japan and used Honda’s auto-balancing Uni-Cub unicycles. The scooters are basically Segways designed for lazier office workers.

The video features OK Go riding around on these Segway scooters that move in all directions. As they move, they clap their hands and snap their fingers to a fun disco funk beat. The band then joins a group of friends who have some pretty cool synchronized moves with umbrellas.

The colorful group of humans and umbrellas becomes a Lite-Brite LED ticker by the end. The faces of the band and hearts appear in the lights with the track title “I Won’t Let you Down” and their name OK Go.

The track for the video is featured on the band’s fourth studio album Hungry Ghosts, released earlier this month. OK Go will start their 2015 tour on March 21 in San Francisco.

Whether you like the band’s music or not, you definitely need to check out one of their best videos to date.