A Nine Inch Nails fan created a massive free archive chronicling the band’s live concerts and shows. The archive was created by Ryan J, who runs the site Reflecting the Chrome and reportedly took six years to complete. After all those years of archiving and organizing, the content is finally up and available to the public as a torrent free of charge.

The archive currently has 527GB worth of music consisting of 900 audio recordings and 575 live concerts. Fans will need an external drive with a massive amount of storage in order to accommodate the load. Of course, such a drive can be obtained for around $100, which is a small price to pay for the diehard Nine Inch Nails fan.

What’s more, the mega fan that created the Nine Inch Nails free archive base is also offering to download the entire content for those who don’t mind sending in their drive. This could prove to be a huge convenience as you can imagine the time it would take to download a 527GB torrent. A drive of at least 750GB is recommended as additional updates are expected.

Ryan J is also in the works of the project’s second phase, which includes a whole new collection of video archives.

The archive reportedly also received the blessing and approval of band member Trent Reznor. Fans interested can access the download at the Ninlive site.

A fan creating a free archive of Nine Inch Nails’ shows just goes to show how truly devoted some fans are. The loyalty also means an early Christmas present for the countless other fans the band has amassed since making its debut back in 1988. The group has since sold over 20 million albums worldwide. It also received the 94th slot in the list of 100 greatest artists of all time by Rolling Stone in 2004.

[photo credit: lacey]