What skills do you think are needed to work in the White House? Professionalism? Leadership? Dedication? A desire to create change? When then-President-elect Donald Trump launched the site last year, those skills certainly seemed to fit the bill. “Service in the Trump-Pence Administration will be service to our nation and thus a high honor, which demands both sacrifice and dedication,” the website, which allowed users to submit job applications for administrative positions, read.

But social media clearly has other ideas as to what’s really needed to succeed in the Trump administration.

On Thursday, Twitter users shared the skills and requirements that they believe are necessary to work in the Trump White House under #NewWhiteHouseJobRequirements, which became a trending topic. Suggestions ranged from being okay with short-term employment to being prepared to label anything “fake news” at a moment’s notice.

Take a look at some of the best #NewWhiteHouseJobRequirements below and let us know what skills you think are required in the Trump White House:

Social Media Shares #NewWhiteHouseJobRequirements for Donald Trump’s Administration

What job requirements would you suggest are needed to work in the White House? Which tweet is your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below!

Photo credit: WHITE HOUSE, Wikimedia Commons