New stills have been released for Disney Pixar’s animated film “Inside Out,” a “major emotion picture.” The movie will be springing into action June 19, 2015.

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder ‘what is going on inside their head?” That’s the question that Disney Pixar is aiming to answer in their upcoming 3D movie “Inside Out,” which follows the primary emotions of Riley and her parents–Anger, Fear, Joy, Disgust and Sadness–as seen through each of their “Headquarters.”

The emotions will guide the lives of the family members after a new job forces the family from their Midwest home to the city of San Francisco. Mainly it seems as though it will focus on how 11-year old Riley is adjusting to her new life in the big city and how the emotions interact within the world of the family member’s psyches.

Take a look at the new stills:

Are you ready to see “Inside Out” and “meet the little voices inside your head”? Check out the trailer to hold you over until June!