It’s not unusual for the low-quality video from surveillance cameras to turn up odd things that are mistaken for supernatural presences. What’s more strange, though, is for these apparent ghosts to turn up at a police department.

According to KOAT7, the officer in charge of watching the security cameras on Saturday saw something strange on one of the screens.

You can see the video and the local news clip above. Officer Karl Romero says he does believe in ghosts, and he and other officers say that there is no rational explanation for the apparition.

As for supernatural explanations, they discuss and dismiss ancient burial grounds, as well as dead prisoners, but admit the facility is relatively new and that no prisoners have died there. The final supernatural explanation the officers suggest is local unsolved murders.

However, the ghostly image bears similarities to many other images of ‘ghosts’ captured on film (see psychologist Richard Wiseman’s collection of ghost photographs here, including one of a hugging fog-phantom that could easily be the ghost in the film, but is, in fact, a trick of fog and light) and these are explained by rational phenomena ranging from photoshop to moths.

In fact, the Center For Inquiry says that ignoring alternative explanations for apparently supernatural phenomena is one of the top six mistakes ghost-hunters make. In the case of this video, it may be the way light reflects off a moving fog, or electronic malfunction.

Might it be a real ghost, caught on video? It must be considered as a possibility, in the interest of open-mindedness. However, to date, no scientific evidence has been found for any ghosts,and all accounts have been subjective.

Still, the New Mexico officers are convinced they’ve caught a ghost on tape, and perhaps if they keep watching, they’ll catch it again, whatever it was, and provide new information to more clearly identify whatever is ‘haunting’ the police station.