The San Francisco Zoo provided a much-needed respite from all the Election 2016 stress. Teaming up with Firefox, they shared a Facebook Live video of some adorable pandas for all social media users to see.

Given that both the zoo and the web browser acknowledged how long the year was for everyone, especially given the election, they thought the perfect remedy would be watching a few red pandas play. The nearly-hour video showed the red pandas playing in their treehouse, showing off their fluffy tails and lovable little faces, set to classical music to really set the relaxation mood.

According to BuzzFeed, the three red pandas are named Tenzing, Hillary and Hunter. Here are some fun facts about red pandas, according to the San Francisco Zoo:

  • Red pandas are more closely related to raccoons than they are to giant pandas.
  • Their scientific name means “fire-colored cat” and they are also called “firefox.”
  • Their primary non-human predator is the snow leopard.

The adorable red pandas clearly went over well with social media users, as they tweeted about how they were going into cuteness overload. The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

Social Media Reacts to Red Pandas Facebook Live Video

If red pandas just aren’t enough and you need more Election Day stress relief, the Brooklyn Cat Cafe has a 24/7 live stream of cuddly kittens, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a sea otter live cam and the California Academy of Sciences’ live penguin cam shows ultimate levels of cuteness.

Did you like the live stream of the red pandas? How are you shaking off the stress of Election Day? Sound off in the comments section below!