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It’s National Boyfriend Day and social media is marking the occasion with enough love and sarcasm to last the rest of the year. According to the National Day Calendar, the unofficial holiday is observed annually on Oct. 3 and celebrates the amazing things boyfriends do, which may have been overlooked the other 364 days of the year.

To celebrate, the National Day Calendar recommends doing something nice for boyfriends everywhere. “Take him fishing or golfing or whatever his favorite activity is. Go out for dinner or to a movie. Whatever you choose to do, let him know you appreciate him.” And while that seems like a charming idea, not everyone was thrilled over the made-up internet holiday.

While many on social media gave sweet shout-outs to their significant other, sarcasm and sassiness were much more common in the trending #NationalBoyfriendDay hashtag. Instead of showing appreciation for a boyfriend, users recognized their lack of a love life, accepted their perpetual singleness and showed off delicious pizza—their one true love.

Take a look at how social media is celebrating the unofficial holiday below:

Social Media Celebrates National Boyfriend Day with Pizza and Fictional Characters

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