We all scream for ice cream during those long, hot days of summer and starting later this month, you can get the inside scoop on the summertime (okay, anytime) favorite. Starting July 29, the Museum of Ice Cream will be welcoming visitors to their “lick-able, likeable, shareable ice cream-centric experience” in New York.

The pop-up museum, located in the city’s Meatpacking District, will be open through the end of August and features an ice cream sandwich swing, ice cream scooper seesaw and even a Tinder Land (sponsored by the dating app Tinder), where visitors will be matched with their perfect ice cream flavor using a custom app. According to the museum’s website, other interactive highlights will include “a swimmable rainbow ‘sprinkle’ pool, edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborative massive ice cream sundae.” Who could resist?

In addition to the interactive components of the museum, visitors will also get a taste of the frozen treat with their admission, art exhibits, as well as a Scoop of the Week and other tastings. According to Eater, “The museum itself will be a maze-like structure filled with work from a roster of artists and designers who have created sculptures, paintings, murals, illustrations, and more around the theme of ice cream.”

Leading up to its opening, the museum’s Instagram page has been scooping out some sweet facts about ice cream and its history, including the use of paper, glass and metal cones and dishes in Germany, Britain and France during the 19th century; the percentage of Americans that have ice cream in their freezer; New Zealand topping the list of top 5 ice-cream consuming countries, and many more.

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To hold yourself over until the opening, just remember that July is National Ice Cream Month so you can celebrate all month long!

Does the Museum of Ice Cream sound like a place you’d visit? Let us know in the comments!