Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter

Monica Lewinsky, the infamous celebrity from the late 90s who was made infamous after her relationship with President Bill Clinton took over the nation, has joined Twitter.  She already has thousands of followers.

Despite anything else she has done in her career or life, Lewinsky will forever be remembered for the stained bus dress, and the affair with President Clinton, which captivated the nation.  Lewinsky announced her arrival on twitter with the tweet #HereWeGo.  It was more than an hour later when Lewinsky tweeted again, stating she was “excited and nervous to speak to [the Forbes] #Under30Summit.”

It only took a few hours of being on Twitter before Lewinsky had upwards of 10,000 followers.

In her Twitter bio, Lewinsky describes herself as a “social activist, public speaker, contributor to Vanity Fair,” and “knitter of things without sleeves.”  Since starting on Twitter, Lewinsky has only made those two tweets today.

According to the Forbes Under 30 Summit agenda, which will be held in Philadelphia, Lewinsky covered the “scourge of harassment in the digital age.”  The event happened this morning.  Lewinsky has called herself “Patient Zero” in regards to having her reputation completely destroyed on the internet.  “Having survived myself,” Lewinsky stated,  “what I want to do now is help other victims of the shame game survive, too. I want to put my suffering to good use and give purpose to my past.”

Monica Lewinsky can be found on Twitter at the handle of her own name, @MonicaLewinsky.  There are a number of spoof accounts out there, but none are verified as Lewinsky’s is.

Monica Lewinsky was a key figure in the 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton after their affair was made public.  President Clinton was acquitted of the impeachment in the Senate in 1999.