Miley Cyrus’ twerking has caused even more controversy, as a Mexican state legislature seeks to fine her after one of Cyrus’ dancers spanked her with a national flag during a Mexican independence day performance.

Last year after Cyrus twerked during her performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, critics accused her of cultural appropriation. That her imitation and interpretation of crunk music videos and hip-hop reduced and demeaned black culture for her own sake of gaining notoriety.

Others defended Cyrus, stating that she has the right to own her body and to display it provocatively through dance and clothes in whatever way she wants.

Now the controversy has gone international with the Mexican interior ministry investigating Cyrus for disrespecting and desecrating a national symbol by having someone spank her with it while she was twerking. It doesn’t help her case that she was wearing a large prosthetic butt at the time.


The country’s constitution vows to protect “national emblems, the flag, and the national anthem.” Because of this, the Nuevo Leon state Congress could fine Cyrus and her dancers up to $1,200 or detain them for 36 hours. According to Fusion, if the violation of the law is for a commercial reason it can raise the fine to $5,200.

Cyrus isn’t the first celebrity to disrespect a Mexican national symbol. In 2008, singer Paulina Rubio was fined $4,000 after posing naked in the Mexican flag.

Additionally, other countries have been insulted by Cyrus’ antics. A few months ago, the Dominican Republic banned her concert because the government believed her actions were against Dominican morals and customs.

Some fans have reacted to the news by claiming this is just how Miley is. Even so, it may be the scandal that puts her twerking career to an end.

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