Miley Cyrus is topless again…it must be Wednesday. Just kidding, but only a little. Cyrus has become known for her raunchy stage antics and has a penchant for showing off her body. She is no longer a Disney princess and in case you haven’t heard that loud and clear, get thee to Instagram, STAT!

Cyrus’s nude butt was recently seen on her pal Cheyne Thomas’ Instagram page after he shared a picture of the singer without bottoms on while she was apparently sleeping. Either the star was okay with the butt-baring photo being taken or she had no knowledge of it whatsoever. Either way, it’s creepy and if nipples aren’t allowed on Instagram, then naked butts should be banned, as well. See how ludicrous that all sounds?

Miley Cyrus was seen topless in Sydney, Australia on top of the hotel where she is staying. She was seen wearing tiny white shorts and nothing on top, proving that even while on vacation, Cyrus just loves the attention. You can see the uncensored photos here. Cyrus has indeed freed the nipple, but you may need a magnifying glass.

This isn’t the first time that Cyrus has shown off her body. She has previously shared some racy photos of herself on Instagram, but has placed stickers over her nipples in order to not violate the social networking website’s no nipple policy.

Cyrus was also the victim of a sex tape scam, but that doesn’t mean that a Miley Cyrus sex tape doesn’t exist, it’s possible that it just hasn’t been leaked yet.

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