Miguel Dakota didn’t even completely make his way onto the stage with his guitar in hand before nearly every young woman in the audience of “America’s Got Talent” totally lost their minds. They were standing, screaming, absolutely going crazy for this young guy. Why? Because Miguel Dakota is the full package of what you need to make a great performer: he can sing, he can play the guitar, he has style, he loves his mom, and he cooks (a little bit). Oh.. did I mention he is single?

In case you missed his audition performance.. it’s below.. you’re welcome.

This week’s episode has barely scratched the surface of who Miguel Dakota is. What we learned is that he lives at home with his 3 siblings and his mom. He decided to leave college to help support his family and doesn’t love his jobs in construction to make ends meet–but he does love music. And America loves Miguel Dakota and his music.. so that works out well. With talent like his, I think it’s a safe bet to say that we will be seeing a lot more of Miguel.

Ok, so maybe you aren’t as convinced as every young woman in America that Miguel Dakota is the real deal? Maybe this will help. Here is an original song that he wrote and performed in this video clip from last year. The backstory? “While I was going to school at Tulane University I would stop and talk to homeless people and buy them dinner while they told me their stories. This song is about those souls who took time out of their day to talk to me.”

Miguel is no stranger to performing acoustically and trying to find his niche in the music world. In this video you can see Miguel performing a John Mayer cover with a female friend of his. “My friend and fellow musician at XMG Coles Whalen and I singing John Mayer’s, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. Sorry for the shaky camera. It was an impromptu shoot.”

Whether it’s a duet or singing on his own, Miguel Dakota is definitely a talent that America has fallen in love with. I know that I am not alone in cheering Miguel on in this competition. Don’t believe me? Mr. Cowell himself (among others) gives Miguel a big nod on Twitter.

Alright Miguel, you’ve convinced a lot of us that you have what it takes to win, “America’s Got Talent.” What do you think America, is Miguel Dakota this year’s Talent winner? Let’s see what he’s got!