Since the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, debates about the youth’s character have been pulled into the spotlight. While past behaviors, criminal, laudable, or anywhere between, have no real direct bearing on the case, Brown isn’t the first to appear that he was the one on trial after his own death.

His friends and loved ones say he was called ‘the gentle giant,’ and share photos of him graduating and spending time with family. Detractors have decried Brown’s character, listing a number of alleged faults or crimes including:

1. Darren Wilson was pursuing Brown about a robbery that had just taken place. (According to KSDK, the Ferguson Police Chief admitted this was not true.)

2. Brown gave Wilson an orbital socket fracture, as displayed on a CT scan that was circulating. (Little Green Footballs found the true source of the CT scan: copied and edited from a medical textbook.)

3. Michael Brown had a violent record. Though this was not true, it quickly changed to claims of a juvenile record, which would have been sealed. Since Brown had turned 18 only a short time before, the claim simply became that all his charges had simply been before that birthday.

This claim even stretched to suggest that Brown was facing felony charges for second degree murder, committed as a juvenile, according to Politicus USA.

However, in a court hearing Wednesday, in which lawyers offered arguments in favor of and against releasing any juvenile record Michael Brown might have, Cynthia Harcourt, a lawyer for the city, stated that some crimes are not sealed, and that if Brown had been charged with a felony, then it would have been an open record available to the public.

Speaking to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Harcourt explicitly clarified that Michael Brown was facing no Class A or Class B felonies upon death. If there were charges for any lesser crimes, those would be sealed, unless the judge decides to open them.

However, whether or not it turns out that Michael Brown ever faced any minor charges, yet another claim against his character has been roundly debunked.

[photo credit: Light Brigading via photopin cc]