Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble is being accused of using the n-word during a sermon delivered on Christmas Eve. However, the church has issued a statement denying that he said it.

Noble was telling his congregation at NewSpring Church a story about his wife not allowing him and his daughter to buy a dog.

“I’m trying to get her to say yes to a dog right now,” he said. “I want a dog. I want a dog so bad.”

He said that his daughter also wants a dog and he wants to name the dog Boaz because he wanted to name his son Boaz but he never had a son.

Then, he asked the congregation to pray for his wife that she would have a change of heart. There is no word yet as to whether or not she caved on the dog issue.

Noble also said that someone had recently asked him why he didn’t just go buy a dog, effectively disregarding the wishes of his wife.

The pastor shared his response to that question and that’s when the n-word is allegedly used.

It’s safe to say that an objective analysis of the video above leads one to believe that the pastor used the infamous language. Also, he said it in such a casual manner that he’s likely used it with some frequency in the past.

However, the church denies that he said the n-word.

NewSpring Church has issued the following statement in regard to the controversy:

We do stand by the message Perry gave to our church on December 24, 2014, and we do believe the Lord prompted Perry to deliver it as he did.

In regards to your question about the ‘N’ word, Perry doesn’t use that word and doesn’t address anyone in his life by such a word.  He did not use that word in his message and what you perceived as him doing so was [a] matter of words getting jumbled as can happen with anyone who is speaking. is reporting that, during the same sermon, Noble assured his congregants that his wife is white even though she has a black-sounding name.