A Texas mattress company is facing intense backlash for their offensive 9/11 commercial. Miracle Mattress aired their “Twin Tower Sale” advertisement just days before the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

The video asks what better way there is to remember 9/11 than with a sale. The 20-second video ends with two employees falling back on two stacks of mattresses and, after a shriek from the store manager, the words, “We’ll never forget.”

The video was removed from the San Antonio store’s Facebook page, however, a tweet promoting the sale still remains on their Twitter. The company issued an apology yesterday, saying they were sorry for having offended people, but many felt that wasn’t enough.

One commenter wrote, “You’re sorry you offended me? That’s not an apology I accept. Apologizing for creating it in the first place would be a start. Admitting you were WRONG for creating it is another step. There will never be an appropriate time to mock 9/11, and to do it to promote mattress sales?! Are you kidding me? Have some self respect.”

In an official statement, the owner wrote that the video was posted to Facebook without his knowledge or approval. He wrote, “The video is tasteless and an affront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11.” Many commented that the apology was still not enough and called it “damage control” rather than anything sincere.

Twitter Reacts to Tasteless “Twin Tower Sale” Commercial

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