You could ask anyone that knows me even a little bit (by a little bit I mean 30 seconds is a sufficient amount of time), there are very few things that leave me speechless. Mat Franco left me absolutely speechless tonight on “America’s Got Talent.”  Mat is an incredible magician with big card tricks who (in my humble opinion) truly deserves to be this season’s winning talent.

I am a skeptic of card tricks. Mainly because I tend to think, “How many more variations of standard card tricks can their really be?” But Mat Franco has changed my opinion of that in his last three performances. I think tonight was my favorite. It was the most seamless of his acts. It truly left me scratching my head. I felt that Mat truly was the best talent on tonight’s episode.  I think America had a similar reaction.

If you compare Mat Franco to David and Leeman who we saw last week,  I think Mat Franco hands down wins. While David and Leeman are charismatic and a lot of fun to watch, Mat seems to push the limits in the same way they do, but in a more seamless way that truly amazes his audience. He didn’t leave me picking apart or critiquing his performance. I was purely entertained by Mat’s performance and can not wait to see more of him.

My only concern is: does he have enough material? Will he eventually run out of awe-inspiring card tricks? I certianly hope not! I love watching him perform. His tricks have been great and he gets better every time he performs. I think that alone sets him apart from some of the other the other competition that left us feeling underwhelmed. Mat Franco is the real deal.

So what did you think? Was Mat Franco your favorite act of tonight? Do you think he has what it takes to move on to the final 5?