Televangelist and South Carolina Pastor Mark Burns made quite the impression on those in attendance of the Republican National Convention Thursday evening. In a loud, booming voice, Burns said that under a Donald Trump administration, “all lives matter” and called on the audience to unite and support Trump.

“All lives matter,” Burns bellowed. “And that means black lives, white lives, Hispanic lives, Asian lives, Christian lives, Muslim lives.” He then had the crowd join in, chanting, “All lives matter.”

“It is so important that we come together to defeat Hillary Clinton and those race-baiting Democrats. And those Democrats will do whatever it takes to keep us Americans focusing on the colors that divide us and not the colors that unite us.”

He also explains that under Trump, all Americans will have jobs. “Donald Trump is not going to pander about race. His heart is after the human race and together— not as black Americans, white Americans, brown Americans, yellow Americans, or red Americans—but just as Americans, and together as Americans, we will get to the promised land.” The “promised land,” according to Burns, “is a place where jobs have returned to this country and where college degrees replace mass incarceration.”

In a campaign video from January, Trump said in reference to job creation that he “will be the greatest jobs-producing president that God ever created.” But his strategies for accomplishing the creation of millions of jobs have been vague.

Trump also makes no mention of reforms to mass incarceration on his campaign website. Think Progress cited an excerpt from Trump’s book “The America We Deserve,” in which he said, “The next time you hear someone saying there are too many people in prison, ask them how many thugs they’re willing to relocate to their neighborhood. The answer: None.”

In regards to an “all lives matter” stance, Trump has also insulted multiple groups of people, including women, Muslims—to which he has called on to ban from entering the United States, Mexicans and disabled people.

Burns has made appearances at other Trump rallies, including one in March where he said that Bernie Sanders needed “to have a coming-to-Jesus meeting” and that he needed to “get saved.”

Towards the end of his speech at the RNC, Burns said, “Even though I disagree with the tactics and the divisive rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, I do understand that hopelessness and lack of opportunity breathes this type of desperation.” Burns continues by saying that the way to eliminate that type of desperation is to create good jobs and an urban revitalization by “working together.”

Burns ends his speech by saying that no matter what color you were born, “Here in America, the only colors that matter are the colors of the red, white and blue” and calls on the crowd to help elect Trump.

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