The E! Entertainment Television hostess and producer Maria Menounos was attacked, along with her entourage, in her SUV early last Thursday morning.  The attack came after the group left a New York City are airport.

It turns out that a tire iron was thrown through the window of the SUV while the SUV was stuck in traffic on their way to New York City.  They were traveling on the Van Wyck Expressway on their way to an event for Ocean Spray PACt Cranberry Extract Water.  The attacker fled on foot after spotting a police car that was also stuck in the traffic.

The hostess spoke on the event, telling E! News “It really felt like something out of a movie.  I heard an explosion and I started screaming ‘Everyone down! We’re being shot at!  Everyone down!'”  Glass covered Menounos’ makeup artist, and nobody in the car was sure the intent of the attacker.  They were uncertain if the attack was simply random or part of a planned robbery.

Maria commented on the attack on Twitter and Instagram, posting a photo of the police officer who helped after the attack.  Additionally, in an attempt to lighten the mood, Maria posed, straight faced, with the tire iron that had been thrown through the back window.

Nobody in the SUV was seriously injured, just shaken up.  There was no arrest made in the attack and the police currently are not pursuing anyone they deem as a suspect.

Aside from producing for E! Entertainment Television, Maria Menounos also hosts her own show, Untold with Maria Menounos, where she discusses the latest celebrity news topics and social media happenings.

[photo credit: IntelFreePress via photopin cc]