As if creepy clown sightings won’t be enough of a problem this Halloween, now we have to worry about terrifying Dementor drones flying right above our heads.

According to BuzzFeed, Wisconsin-native Michael Irvine decided to create the terrifying prank because his daughters love “Harry Potter,” but are scared of the ghostly Dementors. So naturally, he decided to attach a figure resembling a Dementor to his drone and plans on using it on Halloween.

The video, which was uploaded last night, of the drone flying amongst all the beautiful colors of autumn has already garnered nearly 6,000 views. The humming of the drone adds a strange sort of spookiness to the prank.

An earlier tweet from Irvine’s nephew has been retweeted nearly 160,000 times and received more than 280,000 likes.

In the “Harry Potter” franchise, Dementors, who were the guards of Azkaban, “can sense and feed on positive feelings, draining their victim’s happiness” with their Dementor’s Kiss, according to Pottermore.

You better have your Patronus Charm ready to go if you want to fend off this hilariously terrifying prank.

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