This new video of a man finding out that he’s going to be a grandpa will instantaneously brighten your day. The man opens up a little gift, finds a pacifier inside and it brings back memories of when his own daughter was younger . His daughter proceeds to tell him to look at the attached note saying, “You should probably read it”. That’s when he discovers that he’s going to be a grandfather.

His reaction is priceless and heartwarming. His disbelief turns into complete awe over his daughter’s announcement. The video concludes with him beginning to cry tears of joy.

This gone-viral feel-good video has accumulated over six million views and was posted a week ago. The person who posted it, whose only video is the reveal to her father, now has over 1,300 subscribers.

The sweet video will be sure to make you feel better and warm your heart. Maybe a follow-up video could be when grandpa finally gets to hold his new granddaughter or grandson.