A 27-year-old Florida man faked a heart attack at a local Walmart as part of a plan to steal toys. Thanks to surveillance footage, the man and his 30-year-old partner in crime were both arrested later without incident.

In what sounds like the plot of a bad made-for-TV Christmas movie, two Lakes Wales, Florida men were arrested on Tuesday after stealing a cart full of toys from a local Walmart last Friday. Genard Trey Dupree, the younger of the pair, faked a heart attack at the entrance/exit while partner Tarus Bernard Scott slipped out with the goods.

Check out a video of the heist below.

As you can see in the video, Scott pulls a cart holding a battery-powered Barbie Corvette and other items down the aisle leading towards the entrance/exit. Off to the right, you can see Dupree lay down on the floor, clutching his chest. A man on a bench watches Dupree, and another man who was leaving checks on him for a brief moment before deciding go about his way. Just as the concerned citizen starts walking out, Scott hurries past with the cart and leaves the store without paying for the toys.

According to The Ledger, police used the surveillance footage to identify the men. Both men have records, which made the process quicker, as Department of Corrections employees were able to quickly identify Scott from the footage. Scott was released from prison in 2013 after serving a ten-year sentence for armed robbery, and Dupree was on probation for theft when arrested for his part in the Walmart heist. Both men remain in Polk County Jail without bail.

It isn’t unusual to see crime rates rise around Christmas, but seeing a man fake a heart attack to provide a diversion while his partner makes off with a bright pink Barbie Power Wheels toy certainly changes things up.

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