This week, co-host Deanne Bell meets with Johnny, the inventor of X-Suit, a pneumatic tourniquet device designed to combat blood loss on the battlefield. As a veteran and former combat medic, he was inspired to create the device from first-hand experiences.

Having worked on it for the past four to five years, he has put approximately $20,000 into the product. Taking a look at the prototype, which contains a central console and four tourniquets, Bell finds the console difficult. She thinks it needs to be durable and foolproof. Bell also believes it will be difficult to deliver the idea to the military.

At Bluefish Concepts, the engineers are very impressed with the idea, all while taking in all of Bell’s suggestions. In the updated prototype, the device includes a redesigned control unit, in additon to adding a CO2 compartment.

As part of the field test, an ambush is simulated where two retired soldiers are injured. One receives traditional treatment methods from a medic, while the other uses the X-Suit. It took 23 seconds with the X-Suit, while a traditional tourniquet took more than a minute. They liked the idea and how much faster it performs. They question whether there’s enough protection in the case of an IUD blast, which it is, in addition to having enough pressure to stop the bleeding.

For the pitch, Johnny has the opportunity to meet with investor Matt Talbert, CEO of International Offset Corporation. He is asking for $800,000 for 20 percent equity. He hopes to sell them at $500.

Talbert thinks it’s a “phenomenal” idea, but thinks getting it into the military will be very difficult given the military-industrial complex. He ultimately offers $100,000 for 50 percent, which he accepts.

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