SutureSelf Invention Factory award


This week, co-host George Zaidan with Giovanni Sanchez and Ruchi Patel, engineering students and the inventors of SutureSelf, a device that makes getting stitches faster and safer.

SutureSelf, according to The Cooper Union, “works like a hand-held skin stapler that allows users to suture lacerations using medical thread instead of metal staples.” Taking a look at the prototype, Zaidan immediately notices that it’s seemingly easy to use, however, it has its faults given that it’s simply a concept at this point. He also thinks there’s a huge liability issue.

At Bluefish Concepts, the engineers indicate that an entire section of the prototype is missing, adding that it could take a year for it to be fully functional. However, they suggest taking an entirely different approach. Presenting the idea to doctors, they all seem to like the concept and its time-saving potential. After working out the flaws of SutureSelf, Bluefish presents an all-new product, which uses the original idea. The prototype contains multiple needles to allow for the stitches to be effectively used, however, the look of the product is no longer a miniature stapler.

For the pitch, Sanchez and Patel have the opportunity to meet with investor Jesse Draper, Founder of Valley Girl Ventures. They also renamed the product to QuickStitch. They are seeking $300,000 for 20 percent equity.

Draper is concerned that there is currently no working prototype, given that there’s no proof of concept. She’s worried the device could make a mistake, but they assure her that it makes it easier for the doctor. She also expresses concern that they don’t have much experience given they’re still in college. Ultimately, however, she offers $5,000 for 0.33 percent equity to fund a working prototype. They accept.

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