This week, co-host George Zaidan meets with Philly natives Matt Lisle and Adrian Lievano of Mowa.

Mowa is a high-quality water filter that helps provide clean water, no matter where you are in the world. Their products include the Cowa T, which is transparent, while the Cowa S is semi-transparent. They also have a separate filter element. According to their Kickstarter campaign, the filtering system “reduces lead, chlorine, bacteria, arsenic and more” and “is designed to be the simplest and most affordable water filter that anyone can use.” More than 1.8 billion people struggle with water quality around the world. Samples of the product have already been piloted in Kenya and the inventors are currently working on more sustainable ways to get the filtering system in more homes.

Their filter effectively removed all bacteria from the Schuylkill River in one study, but Zaidan feels as though much more research is needed. He also believes the filter needs to work much faster. They don’t yet know how long the filter can be used. They hope to sell to families who only make $30-70 per month, the communities who need it most.

At Bluefish Concepts, Zaidan explains that the new Mowa prototype needs to be retail-ready and the flow rate needs to be improved. They discover very quickly that the flow rate cannot be improved, but do completely update the design.

At the pitch, Lisle and Lievano have the opportunity to meet with Alicia Syrett. They are looking for an investment of $1 million for 15 percent equity. Syrett is concerned that you have to wait overnight for the water to be filtered, while competitors have immediate filtration.

They explain that they hope to get it to market in three years and describe all the industries in which their device could be used. Syrett sees a definite product pipeline but worries about their competitors. She offers $20,000 for one percent, working as an advisor to raise more funds in the future. They have raised an additional $200,000 and hope to return to Kenya soon, according to the update.

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