“Make Me A Millionaire Inventor” is back for season two, working to turn inventors’ dreams into a reality.

Co-host George Zaidan first meets with Ken Blocker, a retired firefighter and inventor of Aqua Blaster. First, he tries a pressurized hose without the Aqua Blaster, then straps the Aqua Blaster on to test the harness. Hooking to the hips, the Aqua Blaster can pivot and put less stress on the arms. Between the two, Zaidan says it’s very easy to use and did not hurt his arms, though admits that it is heavy and needs improvements.

Aqua Blaster was invented by retired firefighter Ken Blocker, who has spent the last 16 years developing “a harness designed to make fighting fires safer and easier for those on the front line,” according to CNBC.

Meeting back at Blocker’s home, Blocker and his wife discuss the struggles of going through prototype after prototype and all the costs that go along with it. Blocker believes they’ve probably spent approximately $100,000 already, with not much in return from consulting firms. They even lost a home.

They predict selling the product for $900 (based on not crunching any numbers), but Zaidan becomes frustrated when they don’t have an exact number of how many they want to sell. He takes it to the engineers at Bluefish and explains the current problems with the product, including needing a quick-release system and made with a lighter material.

The updated Aqua Blaster, which he describes as something out of “Star Wars,” includes nylon straps, a lighter material and a hose locking mechanism. His wife admits it probably saved their marriage since they don’t have to go through anymore prototypes. Testing it with actual firefighters, they are impressed, but one admits the left-right motion is a bit limited. Another likes the stability and says they would definitely use it in the field.

Blocker then switches gears and suggests his wife take over as CFO, but she worries that taking on the role would interfere with their personal lives. She reluctantly admits to take on the role and be a part of a dream that has been 16 years in the making.

They then meet up to pitch with Manny Fernandez, CEO of and investor in Dropbox, and a retired fire chief. They are seeking an offer of $500,000 for 25 percent equity in their company.

Fernandez says it’s intriguing but wonders how long it would take to convince firefighters to take it on at their company. He asks why someone would need it, to which he has no clear answer. His wife steps in to say she believes the product has the potential to make a lot of money. She also explains how they got to their offer number, which she explains to getting their production numbers. The retired fire chief and Fernandez both admit that they’re not asking for enough.

Fernandez offers $1 million for 30 percent, which they accept. Zaidan congratulates them and says he is thrilled to finally give him the title of “millionaire inventor.”

“Make Me A Millionaire Inventor” works to turn a million dollar idea to a million dollar invention. Hosts and engineering experts George Zaidan and Deanne Bell find entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas, take a look at their prototype and help take the product to the next level. According to CNBC, “Top engineers scour the country looking for amazing ideas they’re convinced can make big money. They’ll track down the inventors and give them a second chance to bring their ideas and dreams to life.” The hosts also have the opportunity to hear their pitch before taking the product to an investor, as well as connect with the inventor by hearing their backstories.

Next week, the Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat, a solar-powered fan system, and Steakager, a tastier at-home steak solution, are set to meet with the hosts and possibly make a million dollar investment.

“Make Me A Millionaire Inventor” airs every Thursday night at 10 p.m. on CNBC.

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