This week, co-host Deanne Bell meets with AguaDrone founder Dan Marion and his son Chris. They hope to create an endless amount of interchangeable pods that can be attached to the bottom of the drone and send images back to your phone that will help catch fish.

AguaDrone is a 100 percent waterproof fishing drone. According to their Kickstarter campaign, the drone is also equipped with a sonar fish finder, bait drop, camera pod and more. The drone can be used both in the air and on the water, according to their campaign, and can also be used in the rain. Some of its features include being “the only drone designed specifically for fishing, water-sports, and all-environment outdoor activities” and offering “internal components [that] are plug & play, which means easy component replacement, less downtime, and almost no tools needed.” The three pods are find, fish and film and sonar images can be delivered straight to a smartphone or tablet. The “Early Bird – Ready to Fly Kit” costs $699 on Kickstarter. Their campaign seeks to raise a total of $69,000.

Bell likes the idea but worries about their lack of manufacturing expertise. Given that the molds for production have already been created, any new prototypes need to fit the molds or thousands of dollars will be lost.

At Bluefish Concepts, Bell explains that the drone essentially needs a complete redesign. After a month of updates, the new prototype features wireless pods, a more accessible battery compartment and new decals to make it look more appealing. It also fits their current model, thus saving thousands of dollars.

They then bring the AguaDrone out on the water for a field test, which is halted by not being able to connect to the Wifi. Eventually, they are able to find some fish and the fishermen are impressed by the product and its advantages. Bell later confronts Dan and Chris about trying to place the blame of not being able to connect to the Wifi on Bluefish. They assure her it’s a lesson learned for next time.

For their pitch, they have the opportunity to meet with Darryl Anunciando and Juan Pablo Morfin, both of Action Drone USA. They are seeking $625,000 for 20 percent equity. They like the idea of a fish finder and interchangeable pods, but are concerned about the price point and the drop in the consumer drone market.

Anunciando sees its potential in the industrial sector but thinks the product is too limited. Ultimately, they decide not to make an offer.

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