I know, I know. I just said OMG. But never, ever have I ever meant a ridiculous acronym so much in my entire life. You can tell how much I meant it by the periods separating my abbreviated words, right?

Adam Levine said it the best: “That was like watching golden retriever puppies frolic through fields of wheat during the sunset or something. That was like cute overload.” Apparently America felt the same way:

So here is my open letter to Maidlyn and Tanner:

Ok, Madilyn Paige and Tanner James please listen to me: Please fall in in love, become a singing duo, tour the country, get married, have some beautiful singing babies and then tour like the Von Trapp Family. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Seriously, you guys LIVE in the same town. You went to the same SCHOOL but never knew each other. The Voice has brought you together — that is NOT a coincidence. You both have beautiful voices and are close to the same age. What’s the problem here?? Alright, alright… I’m done playing matchmaker.

But seriously. The dynamic between Madilyn Paige and Tanner James made me cry tonight. I like to think of myself as a below-average on the emotional scale kind of girl. I actually don’t cry that often. I am embarrassed to admit a Taylor Swift song made me cry.. but I’ll try to save face here by saying that it was the connection and the way Madilyn and Tanner sang together that made me tear up. Tanner James himself even teared up a little bit at the end of the song. What an emotional performance. It was so, so sweet and tender. And.. AH! Adorable. I want these two to be a duo. They sound amazing together! They even had a cute little awkward hand holding moment like other teenage couples.. but I digress.

Madilyn Paige got the nod forward from her coach, Usher, tonight (remember what I said about Team Usher being a really strong contender this season? Here is another example of that). I had my fingers crossed for a save from one of the coaches for Tanner, but alas, no one stole him.

Madilyn is so sweet and I really want to see her mature and do well in this competition. Even if she doesn’t make it the whole way to becoming “The Voice,” I can guarantee that we haven’t seen the last of her. Madilyn Paige has such a pure and adorable voice and persona, she has the marks of “the next big thing” written all over her. The fact that she is adorable and rocks the side braid definitely helps her cause.

In all seriousness, I feel that this song choice, “Everything has changed” couldn’t be more true for Madilyn Paige. This song really showed that she has arrived and everything in this competition has changed for her. Don’t underestimate Madilyn Paige. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with in this competition.

Ok, you didn’t think I could go that silently did you? One more thing. This:

Ok but seriously you two, please fall in love.